1. Customer Service

Being a smaller retailer than the common big box options allows us to excel in customer service and convenience. Oftentimes, big box stores tend to be busier with long lines and may not offer the personal attention and knowledge a smaller speciality shop can provide. At Belmont Hardware our staff is trained and knowledgeable in hundreds of hardware and plumbing brands, we like to call ourselves experts in hardware and plumbing products. We take pride in providing our customers with one-on-one assistance and the attention they deserve. 

  1. Community Oriented

Regardless of where you live or shop, by shopping local, small businesses you are supporting and giving back to your community. Small shop owners tend to be members of the community and care about the services they provide in order to make a positive impact on the community. Additionally, because small businesses are not held to corporate standards, we are able to offer more flexibility to our customers. 

  1. Save money!

When you come to a specialty shop we make sure you have everything you need for your next project or job and it all works together. Oftentimes when you buy products online or at big retailers, they do not tell you that something may be missing in the box and what other products you need to make sure everything ties together. We save you time and money so your projects get finished faster and more efficiently. 

We even offer contractor pricing events at select locations and huge mark-downs on products to save you even more.

  1. Hundreds of brands from around the world

When shopping in big box stores you are only shown select brands and products. We source from all around the world only the best products so we can fit all of our customers needs and budgets. Many customers bring in pictures of finished home interiors that they like and we are able to find exactly what they are looking for to help their vision come to life. Hardware is jewelry for your home so it should be treated as such! 

  1. Showroom / Touch and feel 

Although Covid-19 has limited how many people can be in our showroom we have been able to provide more one-on-one experiences for our customers. No lines, no crowds, we are by appointment only so you get the attention you deserve. Plus, who doesn’t want to touch and feel products? Our showroom provides a place for you to discover and fall in love with the jewelry for your home. 

We invest time and energy to provide our customers options, knowledge and the utmost customer service in the hardware and plumbing industry. 

Visit https://belmonthardware.com/location/ to find your nearest Belmont Hardware Showroom and shop with the ultimate small retail experience.