Is the change in season making your home look dim? Here are a few ways you can brighten up your home this winter:

  1. Swap out your Lightbulbs

Your home’s choice of lightbulbs can make a big difference on how bright your home looks. By utilizing LED lights, your home will instantly come back to life, despite the lack of sun! But, the color of the lights you choose also makes a big impact. There is cool white, which is going to be a brighter and more white looking bulb, and warm white, which will be more of a yellow-toned light solution.

  1. Opt for Gold Hardware

Cypress Hue at Belmont Hardware for Granada Construction

Go gold! Gold hardware in a home can add brightness to any room. At Belmont Hardware, we offer several gold-toned hardware finishes – whether it’s your cabinets, doors, or appliances you can shop in finishes such as bronze, gold, and champagne. Visit: to see more.

  1. Remove Screens

Removing your home’s filtered screen(s) can have a direct affect on your home’s lighting. By removing these screens, there will be a vast amount of more light that is let into your home. This is simple, easy, and you do not have to buy anything. 

  1. Add Accessories 

Accessorize! Accessorize! Accessorize! By incorporating new accessories into your home with the change in seasons, your home can be brought to life. Changing out the pillows, slip covers, lamp shades, or rugs are simple ways you can change your home’s whole look. We recommend adding colorful, patterned, or bold choices to light up your space. Come wintertime, your home will still have a lively feel.

  1. Add a Lighted Mirror

Lighted mirrors are a fun way to add extra light to your bathroom and they look beautiful. These mirrors can add natural lighting to your bathroom in the absence of sun rays. They also make a stunning addition to your home’s design. Electric Mirrors’s – Lighted Mirrors, like this one, are a sleek, modern choice – and you can shop their products at Belmont Hardware.

  1. Wall Lights

Wall-mounted lights can offer additional light throughout your home. You can also place wall-mounted lights opposite of each other or near mirrors to add to their purpose. Placing them further apart will cause your space to look larger and brighter. By placing these lights near mirrors they are often reflected into the mirror, causing light to be radiated throughout your space. These scone lights can be purchased through Belmont Hardware – along with a variety of other options. Add sophistication and life to your space.

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Will you be using these simple tips and tricks to brighten up your home this winter?