At Belmont Hardware, we believe that hardware is jewelry for your home. Just like an accessory to your outfit, your hardware needs to coordinate, match, and compliment your design. What better accessory to enhance your home’s interior than something functional and beautiful? There are a variety of preferences and specifications to consider when selecting hardware for your home that will lead you to the perfect fit – and we are here to help.

  1. Are you looking for knobs or pulls?

When it comes to knobs versus pulls, it comes down to preference. Knobs typically function better with smaller cabinets and drawers, whereas pulls operate better with larger appliances.  Generally, pulls are a more expensive option and offer a more contemporary look. Knobs tend to be less expensive and offer a more traditional, simplistic appearance. Although the two designs offer different looks and functionality, they can also be intermixed. If you admire both styles you can easily incorporate knobs into pull-open cabinets and pulls into pull-out drawers. 

One of our most popular brands we carry is Colonial Bronze. You can check out their options here: – Colonial Bronze offers a variety of different styles, such as pulls and knobs, and a variety of finishes, such as copper, brass, and bronze. What’s the best part about these accessories? Hardware is easy and quick to switch up if you ever change your mind! These products all offer a similar look in different shapes, styles, and sizes that can be interwoven throughout your home.

  1. Is square or curved a better fit?

Depending on the room, take note of the design. Are your bathroom and kitchen counters squared or round? Are the lines in your cabinets curved or squared? Taking note of the different design features in your home is important in finding the hardware that will seamlessly fit into your interior. Typically, squared hardware fits consistently with shaker and flat panel cabinets – and gives a more contemporary look, similar to pulls. Curved cabinet styles tend to be consistent with raised panel doors and pillow top doors that fit with a curved hardware design – and can give a more traditional look, such as knobs. – for an idea on more contemporary cabinet hardware. – for an idea on more traditional hardware options. 

  1. How do you select a finish?

When selecting a hardware finish there’s a range of options available. For example, you can create a contrast by using a deep, rich color against a lighter cabinet or you can create a monochromatic look by using a similar hardware tone as your cabinet. We recommend determining the look you are trying to achieve and then working from there. This correlates with the look you are going for in terms of traditional or contemporary hardware as well. Brass hardware will compliment warmer tones and create a more traditional look – refer to traditional styles of hardware. If you have darker tones then using hardware such as steel or chrome will create a more monochromatic, contemporary look – refer to contemporary styles of hardware.

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Ready to find the perfect jewelry for your home?  We recommend scheduling an appointment at your nearest showroom to get a better look and feel of what we offer and to find what’s right.