Decorating for the holidays is a great way to help get you and friends or family into the festive spirit when celebrating any occasion at your home. While some people love to take their holiday decorations to the next level, there are plenty of simple and subtle ways to liven up your space for the holidays! 

Whether you’re looking to go big and bold or neutral and minimalistic, Belmont Hardware has you covered on five-holiday design trends to try out for the upcoming festive season. 

  1. Tradition & Nostalgia 

No surprise here – traditional holiday decor is always a timeless, and popular, way to decorate your home for the holidays. With the holidays starting to feel more ‘normal’ again following the past few years spent indoors, traditional colors of red, gold and green are sure to bring any home to life during this festive season while playing off of nostalgia. The great thing about sticking to tradition and nostalgia is that these colors never go out of style during the holiday season. 

Pro Tip: Mix vintage and newer ornaments together on your tree to bring together both the new and the old in a fun and charming way this season. 

This fixture from Rohl is the perfect example of how a traditional and nostalgic piece of plumbing can be used to decorate your home for the holidays. 

  1. Nature-Inspired Decor

While nature-inspired decor has been around for years, it’s undoubtedly a hit for holiday decor in 2022! Bring the outdoors in with real trees, garland and vividly colored plants and flowers to spice up your home this year. 

House Beautiful states in one Christmas decorating article that poinsettias are a great addition to creating a more festive space this holiday season. Wreaths are also a great way to embrace the “nature-inspired” decor theme that are expected to be a hit this season! 

Pro Tip: If you’re looking for a way to bring nature-inspired decor into your home with less mess, opt for items such as pine cones, sticks, acorns, twigs and more instead of real trees or real garland! Less mess,less stress. 

Martin Pierce has multiple nature-inspired hardware and decor options to liven up your home this holiday season! This is one of the many pieces featured in our Belmont Hardware showrooms. 

  1. Neutrals 

Neutral colors are predicted to be in this holiday season as we are quickly approaching December! While this is a favorite amongst minimalists, it’s also a great trend for any of those looking for a more elegant look for their home this winter. Think snowy white colors paired with blacks and wood-toned browns. This trend fits in perfectly with the nature-inspired decor theme also in season this winter! Whether you throw this into your decor palette on your tree or as wrapping paper for presents, it’s sure to add a touch of sophistication.

Pro Tip: Mix your neutrals with a soft green color to act as an accent to your pieces for a small, but still light pop of color in your home.  

Rocky Mountain has gorgeous neutral-toned hardware pieces that can help give your home a more minimalist look.

  1. Pops of Color/Colorful & Bright

Although neutrals are in, so is color! Think the more the merrier this season by using rainbow hues in your upcoming Christmas palette. What’s more jolly and cheerful than an array of color added to your home decor for the holiday season? Adding pops of pink, blue, violet and more to your holiday decor is sure to bring life to your home for a joyful and bright holiday celebration while paying homage to holiday palettes from the past.

Pro-Tip: Try not to mix too many colors into your holiday decor if you’re looking for a pop of fun. Think jewel-toned colors or even metallics! 

Emtek has fun and bright hardware pieces that can help liven up any space as you begin to decorate for the holidays! Cabinet hardware can be a simple and creative switch for the holidays. 

  1. Gonks 

You’ve probably seen them before and they’re back again – gonks are another holiday trend for 2022. As described by House Beautiful, Christmas gonks are, “unique little figurines with long bushy beards and knitted hats — [and] are often considered to be the Nordic version of Santa Claus.” Gonks have become a popular Christmas decoration over the past few years and a fun and cute way to bring more life into your home this Christmas season. 

Whether it be a wooden gonk, a gonk stuffing or a gonk ornament, these are sure to become a staple to households across the nation once the winter season arrives. 

Pro-Tip: While gonks are incredibly popular during the holiday season, they are often in-season all year round! Purchase a gonk that can be used around the house throughout the year by selecting one with more neutral tones/colors. 

Ready to change up your holiday decor for the upcoming season? Stop by Belmont Hardware to check out our plumbing and hardware options that will fit right in with all the latest holiday trends!