The 2023 predictions for trends are already flooding in and we are welcoming them with open arms. Read below to see some of the biggest predicted trends going into 2023.Belmont Hardware is here to help you achieve all your design dreams going into the new year. Come visit one of our Northern California Showrooms to connect with our talented team of experts to get started! 

Pinewood and natural finishes

Natural and pinewood finishes are predicted by experts to be BIG in 2023. This includes materials such as wood, stone, plans and other earth-inspired pieces.

This is a great way to knock out two-trends at once, as these finishes add a load of texture to any space!

Texture, and a lot of it

Texture made a big comeback in 2022 and we do not predict it leaving anytime soon. Adding texture to even the smallest of details in your space, creates a more personal and elevated feeling.

Art-inspired fixtures

2023 predicts big things for implementing art-inspired fixtures into designs. This will feature and incorporate custom, one-of-a-kind inspired designs through lighting fixtures, mood lighting set-ups and other creative product designs.

Personality-driven designs

While past trends have shown to include minimalism and sleek tones, 2023 will be big on implementing personality in all designs. Now is the time to try out bold, statement pieces that include personality preferences and interests. 

Belmont Hardware Expert Tip: Include wallpaper in your designs to create an original, more personal look!